Watering Instructions for Newly Seeded and Sodded Lawns

Watering Instructions for Newly Seeded and Sodded Lawns
Thank you for using Absolute Landscaping to improve the look of your landscape. Watering the new grass seed or sod is the single most important factor in having successful germination and establishment of your new lawn. Please follow these watering instructions.
Watering should begin immediately. The soil must be moistened to a depth of 2-3 inches to help encourage the roots to grow. Deep watering promotes deep roots and deep roots help a grass to stay healthy.
Unless you have an in-ground irrigation system, gentle watering through a sprinkler is the best method. If you are hand watering, use a spray nozzle that is adjusted for a soft mist. Hand watering takes a long time. If you choose to hand water be prepared to stand there for an hour or longer!
All lawn areas should be watered 15-20 minutes two or three times per day, every day, until the lawn germinates and grows to 3”. The soil in the lawn area should be soft, but do not allow runoff from excessive watering. Natural precipitation should not be considered adequate for meeting the needs of newly planted seed/sod during the first two months. Temperature also greatly affects new grass. During hot periods, lawns need more water. Look for wilting or drooping blades and increase watering.

Watering schedule:
Week 1 6:00AM 12:00PM 6:00PM
Week 2 6:00AM 5:00PM
Weeks 3 and 4 6:00AM
Seed germination will vary depending on seed varieties. Some species of annual grasses can germinate in as few as 6-10 days. However, some species of blue grass will take 21-28 days. Due to the spectrum of germination time, it is very important to water the lawn continuously according to the above frequency schedule.
Our intention in providing these guidelines is to help you have a successful lawn. Although we guarantee germination of the seed when you follow our watering instructions, we do not guarantee the success of the lawn. Calling our office as soon as you have a question will allow us to help with the success of your lawn.