Absolute Landscaping Watering Instructions for Bushes


The bushes should be watered at the base of the shrub with the hose at a trickle until approx. one gallon is absorbed into the ground around the root ball of the shrub.
( smaller shrubs will be fine with ½ gallon, where larger trees may need more) Watering with a sprinkler does not do the job because the moisture does not penetrate deep enough into the soil. This should be done every other day when the weather is dry for about 2 weeks after the shrubs are planted, then once a week for 2 more weeks. After this they should be fine on their own, although in extreme heat or drought situations additional watering may be needed no matter how long the shrubs have been in. Please call the office @ (781) 828-6126 if you have any questions about proper watering.