The importance of cleaning your gutters

Gutter cleaning is an integral part of maintaining your home, and the Fall is the best time to get it done.
The problem is, many homeowners wait to get their gutters cleaned until they notice a problem. Don’t wait for that to happen.
Fall in New England has relatively low precipitation compared to the rest of the year, and it’s also when the most debris will be falling into your gutters.
That debris, if left, will form clogs, and that can cause problems year-round, but especially in the winter.
So, get out the ladder and get the clogs cleared, because otherwise you’ll have problems, and sooner than you think.
Some of the many benefits of gutter cleaning include:
• prevent water damage to your home
• avoid nesting areas for termites, birds, mosquitoes, and other insects
Maintenance should be carried out periodically whether or not something is wrong with your gutters.
This helps you make sure your home/commercial building doesn’t get significantly damaged by the time you find out something is wrong at all, and you end up having to spend a lot more than you would have initially to get things fixed.
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