MILTON, Mass. – Now that summer is just around the corner, experts are warning ticks will be coming back in full force.

One tick expert told Boston 25 News the warmer weather will cause what he called a “tick explosion.”

The tiny, pesky and possibly harmful arachnids are about to spring into action, and everyone should be extra vigilant.

“They’re up and looking for a host hoping something will walk by that they can latch on,” said Dr. Thomas Mather, the Tick Guy.

Mather said this season is prime for ticks, and his website, tickencounter.org shows the type to watch out for in New England this season is the deer tick – because it spreads Lyme disease.

“It’s very important because around here it’s the worst for Lyme disease more than anywhere else in the nation,” said Mather.

Stephen Novick said his business is extremely busy since the ticks never really went away.

“So we had a mild winter, didn’t freeze too much and because of that the animal populations were active longer and that enable the tick populations to be active.”

Deer, chipmunks and rodents all carry ticks. Spraying is one way to keep ticks out of your yard.

You may even opt for a garlic-based, organic repellent or a store-bought pesticide.

“The pesticide is the lowest rated by the EPA. So it’s also super safe,” said Novick.

The pesticide is used for flea and tick collars for pets.

Spraying has to be done once a month to keep ticks at bay, but for many it’s the best alternative as it provides peace of mind.

Ticks usually hide in tall grass, so if you happen to go hiking or walking around in the woods this summer, make sure to wear long sleeve shirts and pants or get tick repellent clothing, use bug spray and always check yourself for ticks after being outdoors.

Checking for ticks is always important because if you happen to have been bitten, the quicker you remove the tick, the less likely it is that it will transmit any diseases.